6 Absolute Best Face Masks for Kids

6 Absolute Best Face Masks for Kids

We’ve reviewed many face masks for kids, and have come up with these non-negotiable criteria:

- Easy to put on/take off by kids without supervision
- Kid-friendly design
- Enough breathing room
- Airtight seal

Without further ado, here are our best picks:

G-Box Children’s 5-Layer Disposable Particulate Respirators

These 5 layer children’s masks are individually wrapped & sealed, ensuring total hygiene and convenience. Comes with ultra-soft ear loops and adjustable metal nose piece to mold to each child’s face contour.

Wovenx 4 Ply Disposable Kids Face Masks-Blue Box

The 15 Pack, FDA registered kids face masks with adjustable earloops are individually sealed for maximum hygiene. With particle filtration efficiency of >95%, these are some of the best masks in the market that would fit kids of various ages. Available in blue box (5 Dinosaur, 5 Fish, 5 Camouflage Face Masks) and pink box (5 Unicorn, 5 Flower, 5 Camouflage Face Masks).

Wovenx 4 Ply Disposable Kids Face Masks — Pink Box

Bloch Kids’ Children’s Soft Stretch Reusable Face Mask with Lanyard and Moldable Nose Pad

These washable and reusable kids’ masks comes with a adjustable ear loops and convenient lanyard that keeps the mask safely around your child’s neck. It features moldable nose pad for secure fit and two layers of breathable soft stretch fabric for comfort. Easy to put on and take off without touching the face. Practice once with your child and he/she should be able to do it independently afterwards.

KF94 Masks for Kids with Adjustable Ear Loops

These masks solved the problem of face masks fitting perfectly on children of different ages (and face shapes). With elastic ear loops and soft nose strip, these masks ensure full and airtight protection of nose and mouth area, so you could feel safe knowing your children are protected. These kids disposable face masks have BEF filter efficiency > 94%. Click here for the adult masks version.

Premium Kids KF94 White Safety Masks

These kids’ masks are made in Korea and registered with FDA. Made with 4 layer protection and high quality MB filter, these 3D masks give kids ample breathing room so they’d feel comfortable wearing it for extended time. Pull the little tabs on each side to give your child a secure, adjusted fit. Covers nose and mouth securely with airtight protection.

The Revival Anti Microbial Kids Mask

These masks come in a pack of 2 (seafoam green and light pink) featuring 100% cotton 2-layer build that protects from dust, droplets and wind. The build-in nose flap is designed to provide a protective seal (also preventing glasses from fogging). The 3D contoured design fits the shape of your child’s face.

We hope this post helps you in deciding which masks to get for returning back to school. Along with this, a few tips:

- Practice handwashing prior to putting on and taking off masks.
- Practice your kids putting on and taking off masks by themselves. They should be able to do so with minimum contact between hands and face.
- Add mask lanyards for more secure fit and to avoid dropping masks to the ground. You’ve already bought well made, expensive masks, ensure they last!
- For reusable masks, ensure to wash according to directions and dry well before reuse.
- You might want to consider adding mask filters for added protection.
- To increase breathing room, check out these 3D mask brackets that could be inserted inside your masks. They function as an inner support frame for more comfortable breathing.

Happy going back to school and most importantly, stay safe!

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