Clutter-free Holiday Gift Ideas

Clutter-free Holiday Gift Ideas

A brand new, soft cashmere scarf is very nice, but how do you know that the person you’re gifting it to doesn’t already have a drawer full of scarves? Here are some ideas with a higher probability of use (and happiness!):

Annual pass to your local zoo.

It’s a gift that is welcomed by all age groups. No matter how old you are, it’s always nice to spend time with animals.

Tickets to a concert, a play, a theater, or a sporting event.

A wonderful time to spend time with loved ones. Always a yes!

Meal box subscription.

Saves time and delicious, who wouldn’t like this?

Something consumable like this nut tray assortment:

Nut Gift Basket, in Reusable Wooden Crate, $34 from Amazon.

Some other ideas we really like:

Subscription for personal advancement, like Masterclass, Udemy, or Coursera. Now, buy one get one membership from Masterclass.

Something relaxing and fun, like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, or ESPN subscriptions. As a Black Friday deal, get Hulu for only $1.99 for 12 months. For those who love Asian films and dramas, how about a Viki subscription as well?

How about adding a new language to your skillset? Duolingo and Rossetta Stone are good bets.

Something fun: a flower or book of the month subscription.

Happy gifting!


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