Easiest Halloween Costumes — Just Slap On and Go

Shelly Lee
2 min readOct 16, 2021
Easiest Halloween Costumes - Just Slap On and Go

For some of us who don’t usually plan elaborate Halloween costumes, or need an easy, work friendly Spooky attire, here are some ideas that would inspire the fun spirit of the ghoulish day.

- Old Lady Costume Set: includes Wig Caps and Wig, Madea Granny Glasses, Eyeglass Retainer Chain, and Pearl Necklace.
- Faux Fur Tail for Halloween Cosplay: transform into a cute goblin for trick or treating.
- Popfunk Classic Adult Superhero Costume I’m Superman T Shirt
- Squid Game Halloween Masquerade Mask: A grim reaper? A zombie? A vampire? No, just a character inspired by the massively popular South Korean drama on Netflix.
- Adult Pumpkin Poncho: makes dressing up for Halloween super easy.
- Ketchup and Mustard Costume Easy Halloween Matching Couple Hoodies: just put them on and you’re set to go.
- Red Minnie Mouse Kit: would work with any outfit, but we’d recommend all black to make this kit stand out.
- Pastel Wavy Wig With Air Bangs: available in many colors, but we particularly love this soft purple hue.

- Handmade Cat Fox Fur Ears Hairhoop Headwear: a Halloween/cosplay item that also keeps your hair in place.
- Skeleton Bracelet Halloween Accessories Ghost Claw: just put them on and you’re instantly Halloweenized.
- I’m Fine Graphic Halloween Humor Zombie T-Shirt
- Gothic Black Natural Feather Cape Shawl with Choker Collar: an insta-cool insta-transformation.
- Light Up Bow Tie: “I’ll be wearing something easy to spot” in the party.
- Gossip Ghoul Long Sleeve T-Shirt: LOL!
- Temporary Tattoo Sleeves: elevate your coolness factor by 100x.
- Long Sleeve Open Front Back Cut Out Skull: I’d say that this is a genius design.