Fantastic T-Shirts for My Funnier Self

Shelly Lee
2 min readJan 13, 2023
Fantastic T-Shirts for My Funnier Self

Sometimes I get away with a casual, solid-color Target tee under a blazer for work or meetings. For my days off (and fun vacations), I like to go a little more creative. Years ago, I visited a cow farm in Vancouver that had the cutest t-shirts among other moo-related souvenirs at their store. I bought one and soon regretted it — because I bought only one. I wore the tee so much until it faded. Surprisingly, the bright colors didn’t fade, it was the white that turned to a shade that showed it was time to let it go.

I found great t-shirts over the years, would you like to see them?

Jane Goddall Trailbrazer tee, $36, Piccolina Kids. They sell adults and kids sizes, in various designs that are so inspiring and adorable.

Moo-cci tee, $22, at Cows Canada. Obviously a moost-have haute-cowture design that cow lovers must have. The store also offers CowCow Chanel and Cowch (as a cow-play to Coco Chanel and Coach, obviously, haha).

Dinosaur Graphic Tee, $16, on Amazon. I love the simple dinosaur outline on this t-shirt. It reminds you to take it easy. Maybe because it has the calm-looking dino instead of the aggressive T-Rex? Speaking of T-Rex, you might like this funny spin on the ferocious dinosaur. However, do you know what kind of dinosaur is this? (It’s a brachiosaurus)

Customizable shirt from Chipotle. Add your favorite order and you can just point to your shirt whenever you place an order at your favorite chain burrito restaurant.

Sloth Kayak Team tee, $9, Aliexpress. I might just get one for myself because it’s too cute!

Monday Lisa tee, $20, on Amazon. I’m sure the t-shirt represents what we all feel on some Mondays, especially after-vacation Mondays or after long-weekend Mondays!

Eskimo Joe’s tee, $16, Eskimo Joe’s. Everybody knows where Los Angeles, California is. But can you pinpoint where Stillwater, Oklahoma is on the map? Do you know — there are other cities also named Stillwater in the USA? There are Stillwater, Minnesota, and Stillwater, Ohio, among many other Stillwater cities. Apparently, our founding fathers and mothers really like the sight of still water.