How to Beat the Numbing, Harsh Winter C-C-Cold!!!

Shelly Lee
3 min readDec 28, 2022
How to Beat the Numbing, Harsh Winter C-C-Cold!!!

Anyone who has experienced the plunge of the temperatures to the double-digit minus, multiple plane cancellations due to severe weather conditions, and non-stop heater operations know that the cold winters can sometimes deter daily life. And we haven’t even discussed the snow-raking and car windshield scraping we need to do, just to get fresh bread from the supermarket.

Is there anything that would make our lives better in this awful, record-plunging drop in temperatures?

Well, yes, there are! Check out these products below.

Electric Heated Scarf

This rechargeable scarf keeps you warm and toasty with several heat settings and 5 seconds fast heating. When everybody else is freezing, you’re breezing. Suddenly getting out is brisk and no longer a risk. If you already have an electric blanket, getting one of these is a no-brainer. Rechargeable electric scarf, here.

Car Windshield Cover for Ice and Snow

No More Scraping Trouble: this genius car windshield snow cover protects your car against all snow-related damages, like frosts, hail, blizzards, sleets, and snowstorms. No more scraping that gets your hands and fingers numb. Clean up windshields in seconds! Equipped with anti-theft flaps, that protect your cover from thieves. All you have to do is place the side flaps inside the car and close the doors. Isn’t this so easy? How to get out of the house easier during snowy winters, here.

The Only Freezing Winter Day Moisturizers You Need

Good news 1: you can stop your search for the winter moisturizers that work. These work astoundingly well.

Good news 2: they are sold in a package, so you can get protection for both hands and feet all at once.

No brainer winter moisturizers, here.

Boot Tray (For All Footwear)

You need a liner for your defrosted pack of ground beef in the fridge, so why not for your snow-packed boots? It’s a must-have for any household battling snow on the ground. Winter must-have footwear snow tray, here.

No Static Hair Winter Beanie with Satin Lining

Ever experienced getting from super-cold outdoors to indoors, only to realize no way you can take your headwear off because of the static cling? Well, that problem is resolved with the satin lining in this beanie. Now, the weather doesn’t dictate what you wear anymore. Super beanie, here.

Window Insulator Kit

Most houses get a cold draft from the cracks of their doors and windows. Keep your windows well-insulated to withstand the frosty chill with this window insulator kit, here.

Also, here’s a good door insulator to ensure you’re all snugly warm and toasty comfortable:

Keep your home warm (and reduce electric bills in the meantime, anyone?) with a door insulator and window insulator kit.

How about that? Are you feeling warmer now? We hope so!