How to Upgrade Your Home From Modest to Modern

How to Upgrade Your Home From Modest to Modern

From a cute starfish drain stopper to an elegant bathroom shower linear drain, here are minimalist modern home items that would elevate the look and feel of your home. Not only they’re so pretty to look at, they’re also highly functional. I would love to get at least some of them for my own place!

Modern Design End Table Tall 2-Drawer Nightstand

No more outlet plugs needed. The stained glass on the front and sides of this nightstand gives adjustable warm glow to accompany you at bedtime.

Stainless Steel Bench in Silver

A simple design with a contemporary streak, this metal bench with grate-inspired detail and curbed edges is stylish and sturdy at the same time.

Toilet Paper Storage & Organizer

Now you could properly store the big bulk of toilet paper you just bought from your favorite bulk item store. This toilet paper storage and organizer keep everything streamlined, clean and easily accessible. Extra space on top for your bathroom essentials as well. I’d say every bathroom needs something like this.

Modern Plug in Wall Sconce Lights

Let there be light. These wall mounted minimalist lamps are space efficient by giving you back your floor space. They’re also the perfect combination of technology and practicality, giving you luminous warm glow in any place you put them in.

Umbra Starfish Drain Cover/Hair Catcher

Inspired by a starfish’s ability to stay suctioned to the aquarium floor, the drain cover and hair catcher was born. Pretty and functional — how cool is that?

Solid Walnut 3 Blade Ceiling Fan With Lights

This seemingly work of art is like at first sight for me. I always love things that are as functional as they’re beautiful. A reviewer from Amazon said it best about this beautiful ceiling fan: Really nice fan, moves air perfectly, and light works great too. I love the remote!

Rectangle Tissue Box Cover

This tissue box cover is proof that a good design doesn’t need to be complicated. Simply insert over your tissue box — that’s it. The neutral color and shape ensure it would fit any decor.

Touchless Soap Dispenser

Touchless, automatic soap dispenser ensure extra cleanliness all around. Fast dispensing — put your hands under it and it would only take 0.2 seconds to release soap.

LED Lighted Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror

With adjustable color temperature, anti-fog and dimmer functions, is this LED light bathroom mirror too good to be true? Absolutely not, because you could get it here right now.

Bamboo Honeybee Wall Key Rack Holder|

Boring key holder begone and let this one enter your home. This supercute wall key holder would make sure you’d never forget where your keys are.

Wood and Glass Coffee Table

The clever design of this coffee table gives you a visible top to prevent accidental stumbles, and a transparent glass legs to give a more spacious view to the room.

Over The Door Clothing Hook

This over-the-door folding rack fits six hangers and flips up and out of the way when not in use. Compact, functional and out of sight when not needed. I’d say yes to this!

Linear Shower Drain

OK, this would entail completely revamping your bathroom shower area, but look how modern and cool this long and slim linear shower drain is. Complete with hair strainer (yes!), put this shower drain in the house renovation to-do list.

Oval Sherpa Storage Bench

When I first saw it, I thought I’ve never seen an ottoman storage bench as elegant as this one. The clean lines and solid wood legs give this storage bench its understated modern look. The slim and elongated legs give the effect of a more spacious look.

Cable Box-Outlet Cord Storage Organizer

Get the cables out of sight by using this cord storage organizer, which is mindfully designed to create a more beautiful home and elevate quality of life.

Balmuda Kettle

The Balmuda kettle is not your average electric kettle. Equipped with neon light indicator, the gooseneck spout makes every pour precise and graceful.

Mid-century Modern Dining Chair

This contemporary chair could be mixed and matched with many styles, and the medium high open back help keep your back supported and aligned. I particularly love the legs — look how slim and graceful they are.

High Pressure Showerhead

An Amazon reviewer (M. Portelos) wrote it convincingly: That night I was blessed like the rains of Africa. An outer body experience like no other. Some say they have come so close to death that it has awakened their spirit to live. I believe, that in that moment, I came so close to truly being alive, that my spirit has been forever cleansed.

Chrome Spoon Holder

You probably need a spoon holder anyway, so why not get this beautiful one? Made by Italian brand Alessi, this stainless steel spoon rest is a prime example of quality and great design.

Natural Wood Coat Hooks

This wall mounted wood clothing hooks are made of 100% premium walnut. Beautiful and elegant, these hooks are meant to be part of a minimalist decor.

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