Just 3 Steps to Upgrade Your Internet From Snail to Zoom

Just 3 Steps to Upgrade Your Internet From Snail to Zoom

Nothing is more frustrating than a connection lag or a freeze when you’re busy working or browsing. Or video/voice connection problem that you don’t know how to troubleshoot. If you work from home, you probably have used teleconferencing apps like Zoom, Webex, Google Meet or GotoMeeting. You’d boost your productivity with faster, more reliable internet and computer setup. Don’t worry, it’s actually not that difficult if you take time to understand it. It’s so worth it to upgrade your setup. You’d be able to work a lot more productively, smooth out many annoying wrinkles that damper your day, and have a lot more time to relax later at home.

The first and foremost important thing is what device you’re using. While my preference is a hardwired desktop computer with high processing power, sometimes we don’t have access to one. If you’re using a cellphone or an iPad to videoconference, your best bet is a good WiFi router like this one:

NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 Wi-Fi Router

Additionally, if you’re connecting wirelessly far from the router, you could use a wifi extender to ensure a strong internet signal between your wifi router and your device. This one is something you could plug right into your laptop.

If you’re using a laptop, I’d suggest you to connect with an Ethernet cable instead of wireless. You’d be amazed on how fast your internet would be with hardwiring your internet connection.

How fast is your internet?

Your internet plan determines your internet speed. You could upgrade it for better speed, if you’d like. To check your speed now, I’d suggest you test it by going to speedtest.net and test it. My laptop only gets 100 mbps download speed with wireless connection, but my desktop computer hardwired with Ethernet connection gets this:

Download speed using Ethernet cable

100 mbps with wireless connection vs 460 mbps with Ethernet cable.

Which one would you choose?

Please excuse the upload speed, which is notoriously slow compared to download, but still way above the recommended minimum for a Zoom call. Here’s a good article that explains why the upload speed lags behind the download speed.

That’s essentially it! Easy, right? With just ensuring that you’re getting the fastest connection possible, it’s so easy to improve the download/upload speeds of your internet! Good wifi routers offer the best solutions to date in and extending Wi-Fi to devices like iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Echo/Alexa devices, Smart TV’s, PCs, Samsung devices, PlayStation, Smart Plugs and more. Experts use good quality ethernet cable for hardwiring their computers, ensuring they get the fastest download and upload speeds possible. Wi-Fi Range Extenders eliminate dead spots in rooms with weak Wi-Fi coverage. So don’t wait, get the fastest internet now.

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