KDrama Oppas Who Look Daebak in Uniform

Shelly Lee
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KDrama Oppas Who Look Daebak in Uniform

I don’t know about you but handsome Korean Oppas look 100x more deadly in uniform. Not because of guns of course but that dazzling, hundreds of kilowatt smile. A well cut suit that exude power on a lean body and handsome face — Daebak! This is the winning formula!

Here are 10 Korean Dramas portraying gorgeous male leads in uniform. Have you watched them all?

- Descendants of the Sun
- Live
- Kingdom: Eternal Monarch
- Crash Landing on You
- Midnight Runners
- Criminal Minds
- When the Camellia Blooms
- Come and Hug Me
- Memorist
- Legends of the Blue Sea

I’m pretty sure the producers of Kingdom: Eternal Monarch put Lee Min-ho in the white military uniform just to show off how amazingly he looks in the outfit.

Isn’t this OMG? Let’s see another one.

And here is a compilation of handsome Korean drama actors in uniform. Prepare to swoon!


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