Kick Ass KDrama Moms Who Stole Our Hearts

Let’s face it, KDrama ahjummas are fierce, go-getter, no-nonsense women who know exactly what they want (and what they don’t want). They give matter-of-fact, practical advice and know exactly who their sons and daughters (aka the male leads and female leads) should end up with. So, if you are watching a KDrama who gives you two equally strong male leads (Start Up, anyone?) look at which male lead steals the mom’s heart. Here are our most favorite Korean Drama moms: Kim Hae-sook In Hospital Playlist, Kim Hae-sook played Jung Ro-sa, who lived a full life after her husband’s death with her best friend, Mr. Ju, who also lost his wife. The veteran actress has been starring in countless films and dramas since 1974. Another of her very memorable performance was in My Father is Strange — a top rated KDrama. 2. Kim Mi-kyung She has portrayed a mom in many films and dramas, including Forecasting Love and Weather, Hi Bye, Mama!, and It’s Okay to Not Be Okay. Do you know? Kim Mi-kyung and Kim Hae-sook starred together in Saimdang, Memoirs of Colors (2017) starring Lee Young-ae and Song Seung-heon. 3. Lee Il-hwa Lee Il-hwa has been moms to our favorite KDrama stars but my most personal favorite is when she starred as Deok-seon’s mom in beloved KDrama Reply 1988. She also starred as Go Ara’s mom in Reply 1994 and Eunji’s mom in Reply 1997, but she was most memorable with her distinct haircut and ahjumma’s outfits in the latest Reply series. Do you know? She transformed to a glamourous mom as Yoo In-na’s mom in My Love from the Star. 4. Kim Sun-young Known as Lee Il-hwa’s neighbor and best friend in Reply 1988, Kim Sun-young returned to her suburban mom portrayal in Crash Landing On You, as one of Hyun Bin’s village neighbors. She also reprised her role as Park Bo-gum’s stepmom in Hospital Playlist, starring another cool KDrama mom, Kim Hae-sook. 5. Kim Young-ok Known as South Korea’s “National Grandma”, Kim Young-ok first debuted in 1957. Through her many portrayals as moms and grandmas, she still has a strong presence on the big screen. She was an elderly, respected palace lady serving the Lee Min-ho in King: Eternal Monarch, and — did you know? — she was also Seong Gi-hun’s mom in Squid Games.




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Shelly Lee

Shelly Lee

Someone with many interests

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