My Amazing Black Friday Purchase

Shelly Lee
2 min readDec 2, 2022
My Amazing Black Friday Purchase

Last week, both Amazon and Target ran exactly the same Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals: buy 2 get 3 select board games and puzzles. I was ecstatic. We play a lot of card and board games in our household. In fact, the living room book rack is sadly devoid of books (we borrow library books, buy electronic versions, or use Get Epic) and getting more board games instead. Some of our game cards are too often used that they’re marked, folded, or torn in certain ways. Therefore, we know which card is which from their appearance. Is it considered cheating, if you purposely pick a card because you know which card it would be?

I picked these six games for the price of four.

They were originally $169.95. With a $52 discount and taxes, I paid $130.

I had gift cards that I bought for 10% off from Target last month, so I used that too.

In all, I paid $117. I was so happy. I know the kids would be too!

Wait, that’s not all. Target decided that this purchase was eligible for extra Target Circle earnings, so I get a $20 discount that I can use for my next purchase.

Excluding the $20 bonus, I get six new board games for $117, which turns out to be slightly less than $20 each. Not bad at all!

Which board games do you like? Our family’s favorite is the Settlers of Catan. The kids currently like Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, Exploding Kittens, and Sleeping Queens. My personal favorite is Skyjo, which I secretly think is a good way to teach your kids math while having fun. Kill two birds with one stone, haha.

Image profile: @mireilleraad