My Best Buys of 2020

Shelly Lee
3 min readAug 14, 2021


My Best Buys of 2020

At this time last year, I thought we’d be spending more time outdoors and enjoying all the seasons have to offer. We were half right. We have been outdoors a lot — in the backyard, not at festivals or outdoor concerts. And we have been enjoying the autumn falling leaves — our trees in the backyard (again), complete with regular sweeping of them. But we have been enjoying the succulent summer fruits and vegetables, warm teas and delicious coffees in cooler weather, and spending quality time with family members, who are thankfully healthy. Staying at home means browsing the internet a lot, and who knows that the home needs a few things to help make it even more comfortable to stay in. With that, here are my best buys of 2020:

3-Tier Rolling Cart

Initially, I bought this for my son’s books and school supplies. It is the perfect height to put next to his study desk and could fit all his school supplies while he was in virtual school. However we also find out that this cart is super handy for transporting plates and food from the kitchen to our backyard for our almost weekly barbecue during the summer. The wheels are convenient because cleaning underneath is easier.

Overfloor Cord Protector

Not the treadmill, although we did purchase a treadmill to replace our damaged stationery bike. We upgraded our home internet connection to hardwired Ethernet connection, and after all of us tripped over the cables at some point (and numerous coffee spills), we bought the cord protector to keep the floor a little more organized. Save yourself a fall for only $15. I’d say it was a great buy!

23andMe Personal Genetic DNA Test

I was a little late to the party however I was waiting for Thanksgiving sale to purchase this kit (I got it at a super price!) It turned out that 60,000 years ago, my ancestors originated from West Africa who then migrated across Europe all the way to China. About 20,000 years ago, they settled in the coastal areas of China. It says I would most likely easily blush when I drink alcohol (true), that I don’t have chin dimples (true), nor dimples (true) and that I would probably not like cilantro (not true). Perhaps my huge love of food overcome my dislike of cilantro, who knows. I’d take peace in the fact that 23andMe didn’t find any abnormalities but cautioned me that I still need to get regular checkups.

Amazon Echo Dot
Amazon Smart Plug

Two to tango. Amazon Echo Dot + Smart Plug = you’d never have to get up from the sofa again to turn on/off the lights, among all of Alexa’s many capabilities. This Echo Dot is a wonderful companion to my kids. Alexa would tell them bedtime stories (I’m a smart-lazy mom), play riddles with them, answer their never-ending “what is” questions. At this point, the kids know that Alexa’s the smartest in the house, and I don’t mind even a bit.

The Flick Stick Winged Eye Liner Stamp
Instant Winged Eye Liner

This is the fastest way to look polished during an important Zoom meeting. Quickly swipe a lip tint and stamp the flick stick on to look neat and professional. The camera is forgiving so it’s okay to be a little grey hair or if you forgot to clean up your eyebrows. This is one thing I like about working from home — as long as you look neat, nobody would know you’re wearing pajama pants underneath.

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GODIVA Chocolatier Covered Chocolate Biscuit

Lastly, I have these Godiva chocolate biscuits delivered monthly, since they are one of our family favorites. Enjoyed with iced Americano coffee in the summer or warm jasmine tea in cooler weather, they always hit the spot. However, they don’t last as long as they used to. My kids seem to be plowing through them faster as they grow up. It used to take them 2 bites to finish one biscuit, now a whole biscuit disappear in seconds, haha.