Our Amazon Best Buys of 2021

Our Amazon Best Buys of 2021

At this time last year, I thought we’d be spending more time outdoors and enjoying all the seasons have to offer. We were half right. We have been outdoors a lot — in the backyard, not at festivals or outdoor concerts. And we have been enjoying the autumn falling leaves — our trees in the backyard (again), complete with regular sweeping of them. But we have been enjoying the succulent summer fruits and vegetables, warm teas and delicious coffees in cooler weather, and spending quality time with family members, who are thankfully healthy. Staying at home means browsing the internet a lot, and who knows that the home needs a few things to help make it even more comfortable to stay in. With that, here are my best buys of 2020:

Miniature Fairy Gnome Home Window and Door for Trees

This was an impulse purchase to put on a tree right outside of our dining room window. I was contemplating between this and a bird feeder, however while a bird feeder would invite many birds near, they’d inevitably make droppings too (and I prefer to keep my housework as pain-free as possible). So, I chose this one instead. It makes me smile every time I see it, so I think this was one of our best purchases of the year.

Double Dish Nut Bowl with Cellphone Holder Slot

There’s a thin line between lazy and smart and this purchase falls right in the middle, leaning towards smart. This little bowl holds your phone and your pistachio/sunflower seed shells. There’s no need for another holder or tool. Genius!

Badminton Racquets

I used to play badminton a lot when I was younger, and it remains one of my favorite sports. Badminton doesn’t require a special field or a net. All you need are the rackets and a few shuttlecocks. It’s the perfect sport to play in the backyard, not to mention it’s a lot more fun than soccer (in my opinion). My kids get a kick out of this when a shuttlecock gets stuck in our tree branches. They’d hurriedly use a stick to try to pry it off, haha.

Angry Mama Microwave Steam Cleaner

I had this in my list for quite some time, and finally purchased it after seeing it in an episode of a Korean drama. Angry Mama steam clean the microwave better than your old rag. I let the kids help me by putting it in the microwave and watch it steam — from a safe distance, of course.

Slow Masticating Cold Press Juicer

This cold press juicer is also something I’ve been contemplating to get for a while. We have an orange juicer and a good blender, and I was hesitating to get another kitchen tool that would crowd our counter space even more. However this juicer turns out to be great. We’ve been buying more vegetables and press juice all of them. We found celery and beets to be one of the easiest to juice. Just cut them up long and thin. So refreshing with ice for the summer months!

Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds with Wireless Charging Case

I finally jump in the trend of earbuds and got myself a pair of wireless earbuds. Yes, they’re super convenient and I’d imagine they’re going to be very handy for traveling instead of the bulky headset I used to carry around. However after a while I find myself switching between these and my Bose noise-canceling headphones. My ears get burdened with one type of listening tool, so switching between different ones is perfect.

Central Air Conditioner Cover

This was a practical purchase that I couldn’t believe we didn’t buy years ago. Our central AC unit is located on the roof which makes it such a hassle to clean. We have mature trees with lots of leaves in the backyard and so does our next door neighbor, so the leaves fall on the AC unit constantly. This AC unit cover ensures our AC works efficiently in the summer. Yay for a practical purchase!

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