Our Pick for 2022 Advent Calendars

Shelly Lee
2 min readNov 23, 2022
Our Pick for 2022 Advent Calendars

As somewhat serious environmentalists, we used to avoid Advent Calendars due to the enormous amount of paper and plastic used in their packaging. That is until I saw a Facebook post in my local Buy Nothing community. Someone posted perfectly almost-new-looking tins of Starbucks holiday advent calendar collection, already washed and cleaned, and to fill with your choice of tea, coffee, or cocoa. Maybe a surprise little gift or two? Like a little bottle of brandy? Just an idea.

Also, do you know that the 2021 Chanel Advent Calendar which retailed for $850 now is fetching upwards to $1,500 in secondary marketplaces? Talk about high-return investments!

Below are our choices for this year’s Advent Calendars. Enjoy and happy holidays!

Tiffany x Andy Warhol Advent Calendar, tiffany.com

What’s better than a Tiffany blue box? Multiple Tiffany blue boxes, of course. Pair that with the renowned artist Andy Warhol’s design and 24 remarkable gifts inside. This would be an Advent Calendar to treasure forever.

Coffee Subscription, from $12, Intelligentsia

As one of the most recognized specialty coffee roasters in the nation with many different outlets nationwide, the brand now offers select monthly coffee subscriptions. Prices start at $12 and above, with free shipping.

24 Family Games Advent Calendar, $40, at Amazon

A gift that will entertain the whole family for the whole merry month. With a recommended age of 5–99, we’d say this is a great idea.

Advent Calendar for Dogs, $45, at Costco

A scrumptious treat to eat? A squeaky ball to play fetch with? A doggy bone to hide? We can’t tell you which one you (or your pet) will get on each day, but we are sure that your pup will have a jolly good time with each box full of surprises!

Dr. Barbara Sturm Two-Tiered Advent Calendar, $450, Selfridges

Maybe next year would be a good time to trust this highly rated skincare brand for your new regimen?

Professor Charlie’s World Tour Advent Calendar, $20 at Amazon

A puzzle game with 24 episodes. Would that be 24 cliffhangers as well? Perfect for curious kids and adults alike.

Bonne Maman Jam and Honey Advent Calendar, $63, at Amazon

An idea to be less clutter-free. These tiny containers can be washed and refilled — to hold condiments for your next picnics or road trips.

Reusable Wooden Advent Calendar, $35, at Amazon

Reusable year after year, fill out the refillable numbered boxes with small gifts, treats, or surprises for loved ones. We also like this hanging one and this one for mini liquor bottle holders.