The “It” 3D Face Masks Even Skeptics Love

Shelly Lee
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The "It" 3D Face Masks Even Skeptics Love

In our opinion, these are the best masks, bar none. Why? You know, masks are just like relationships. You’ve got to give some breathing room for everyone to be happy. The mask’s 3 panel construction gives ample room to breathe. You’d never again have to feel your nose against the fabric and feel suffocated. Each of the 3 panels offers filter efficiency more than 97%, 4-Layer construction with adjustable nose strip.

There are many brands selling these KF94 masks. Just make sure to get the ones with breathing room and allows you to tighten around the face. These masks could be adjusted to fully fit across your nose bridge, cheeks, and chin areas. With breathing room, it means these masks are transfer-proof. The 3D design provides room between the mask and your mouth. This means you could apply lipstick or lipgloss and it won’t smear against the inside of your masks. How cool is that!

Best masks ever, also another good ones here.

Just look how the mask protects by creating an airtight environment around your nose and mouth. It follows the contours of a person’s face.

Push down the nose bridge tab for an airtight fit

Also available for kids, here:

Perfect fit! Children’s KF-94 masks

>>Looking for children’s masks? Check out Best Kids’ Masks by Age

Some tips:

- For more protection, we’d recommend doubling the mask with additional filter, like these ones.
- To prevent masks dropping or getting lost, attach them to a mask lanyard like these.

Don’t let the good mask get lost!

Hope we’ve convinced you enough. Have fun enjoying the summer while keeping your family safe.

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