What $50 Get You Nowadays

Shelly Lee
2 min readDec 30, 2022


What $50 Get You Nowadays

Thanks to #shrinkflation, your dollar doesn’t stretch as widely as it used to be. We bought 2 pizzas and an avocado roll at California Pizza Kitchen last week and they cost $58. It was really hard to avoid comparing it with Domino’s or Papa John (which I preferred) or the cheapest option: Costco’s large 1-topping pizza for $9.99.

In 2023, what can you get for $50? We did some research, and found these:

Hermes nail file set. I am a firm believer that if you buy a present, buy the best item you can get at your price point. This is “only” a nail file set, but it’s so pretty!

192 packs of Maruchan Chicken Ramen. At 25 cents per package, these are still a good deal! No wonder so many college students depend on this ramen. Make sure to add veggies, eggs, or other proteins/greens to maximize nutrition.

Ramen — always a yes

Two and a half months of premium Netflix subscription with 4K + HDR plus ability to download. Or, seven months of basic Netflix sub with ads.

Four movie tickets

Two Apple AirTags. One each for your luggage when traveling, so you know where your luggage is at all times.

A pair of brand-name sneakers on sale. Our favorite time to get new sneakers are right after Christmas.

Fifty full-size candy bars, or if you buy them right after Halloween or Christmas, add another 25%-50% to the quantity. Timing is everything, even when buying candy!

Two pairs of thick-soled sandals that are so comfortable for working in the kitchen.

A really good pillow to alleviate neck pain. Since I bought this, I never woke up with neck pain anymore.

One or two jars of scented candles

A pair of weighted wrist bangles to maximize your workout

A Tumi carabiner or accessory pouch