What We Got on Black Friday Sale

What We Got on Black Friday Sale

Hint: it’s a clutter-free thing.

“Years ago, I used to wake up super early in the morning to go to stores. I remember one Friday morning, we drove to Best Buy and got in line to buy DVD players and a stack of DVDs. Oh, the days! Obviously, it was when Blockbuster was still going on strong and we had yet to hear of Netflix.

Afterwards, we switched to online shopping and mostly got out electronics at this time of the year. Our Roomba, Dyson vacuum cleaners, Amazon Echo devices (only about $20 this time of the year — such a good deal) were bought during this biggest sale time of the year.

However, I recently discovered that airlines have been cutting their fares too, during the season. A friend of mine got tickets to Europe for less than $700 (from LAX). Now that’s a great deal. For this year, however, we decided to take the kids to Legoland and stay at their Legoland hotel. The children’s entertainment park offers discounted tickets and vacation bundles, and we decided to take the kids to stay at the hotel as well. The Legoland hotel is located right by the entrance of the park, so it’s easy to come and go and so convenient to return to the hotel for a midday nap.

We took the kids to stay at the Legoland hotel several years before the pandemic, and they enjoyed it a lot. It was raining on the first day, which was a bummer for a few first minutes. Then we discovered that there were very few people at the park, so they were free to get on rides as many times as they wanted — with no lines!

They had a lot of fun with bricks everywhere — at various places at the hotel and the park. The hotel also gives a small Lego game as a present for younger guests which they’ll find in the room after checking in. And the breakfast buffet! We don’t go for buffets often, so it’s a real treat for the kids to have a breakfast buffet, especially one that caters to kids’ tastes.

The trip will be an early birthday present for our youngest son. But adults will enjoy it too! I personally prefer Legoland to Disneyland. Legoland is less crowded and has an aquarium and water park. Price-wise, it’s more affordable too.

The newer Castle Hotel at Legoland California

They’d be ecstatic to sleep on a bunk bed, lol.

Main photo by @purzlbaum


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